Expert: Dr Luis Cuadrado

Sí se puede

Zygomatic implants allows patients with severe bone atrophy regain their esthetics and function in a single surgical procedure under general anesthesia. Usually these patients enter the operating room with a removable denture and come out of it with a fixed prostheses.

Such treatments are performed under general anesthesia and typically require a rest day at the hospital. At i2 Implantology we are proud of offering this type of treatments to our patients since Dr. Luis Cuadrado is an authority on this type of art, lecturing nationally and internationally.


The loss of bone in the maxilla can be caused by numerous reasons such as:

- Tough extractions, periodontitis and dentures used for a long time
- Spacing for too long the time in between the extraction and the implant placement could be a cause of bone atrophy
- Periodontitis is a common cause of severe bone atrophy
- Using dentures for a long time is also a cause of bone atrophy