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Due to our top technology now a days we are able to restore function and esthetics in one single appointment, giving back their best smiles to our patients.

Types of prostheses

These type of prostheses are fixed in the mouth and can not be removed by the patient. Some times they can de fixed to the patients tooth or to an implant. If the prostheses is fixed to an implant it can be screw retained or cemented. Here is a list of the main materials used for fixed prostheses:
- Metal-ceramic
- Full ceramic
- Emax
- Zirconia

The cheaper option

There are two kinds of removable prostheses, one that is attached to the gum and some tooth and the other one that is screwed to some implants although it can be removed by the patient.

Frequently asked questions

Dentistry has been developing its technology year after year, due to this developments a new material was born, zirconia. This material is used in natural dentition and implants. With zirconia we are able to take out metal from our prostheses, which gives the patient better esthetics and tolerance against the material. This is also a great advantage for metal allergic patients.

Esthetics is one of the principal indications of zirconia, due to its white color the appearance it gives to our restorations is great and when time pases by and gums move apically no metallic border is seen. At i2 Implantoly we work with IPS e.max as the gold standard material, our patients love their new restorations due to the esthetics provided by this material.

Fixed prostheses with any doubt will make you feel more comfortable. These kind of prostheses gives patients the peacefulness they are looking for, when time pases by they feel their prostheses as a part of them.