What we do not see does not mean it is not important to our health

In absence of dental hygiene deseases will appear and jeopardize your dental health in the future

Why do I have periodontal desease?

Periodontics treats all the problems regarding gums and tissues around teeth. Every tooth is supported by the bone it is surrounded by and the gum above, when these structures fail the longevity of the tooth is shortened.
When periodontitis starts to strike all the structures that support our teeth suffer, we could even loose all of our teeth due to this desease. At i2 Implantology we detect early stages of periodontitis with our advanced technology and treat them until they disappear.


If I suffer from periodontitis, what will happen?

If you suffer from periodontitis and do not treat it you could loose all of your teeth. Due to this lost you will suffer difficulties to chew which will lead into stomach aches, pain, bad breath and esthetic issues and gum bleeding.


How do I know if I suffer from periodontitis?

The main cause for periodontitis is bacteriological, we all have bacterias in our mouth although some people do not have the mechanisms against them. These people are candidates to suffer from periodontitis and will go trough these stages:

- Gingivitis:
Every periodontitis starts with a gingivitis, at this stage you can clearly tell your gums turn into a reddish color instead of the usual pink, gums also tend to grow a bit due to inflamation and bleed and hurt when you brush them.
- Moderate Periodontitis:
On this stage teeth appear to be longer due to gum retractions, tartar in between teeth is visible specially in the lower frontal teeth. It is also characteristic of this stage having some space between the frontal teeth due to the lost of bone. Gums also turn red and bleed frequently, patients start to fail pain when biting cold or hot food and halitosis appears due to food sticking.
- Severe Periodontitis:
All of the symptoms from the moderate periodontitis aggravate and stop when teeth get extracted due to severe pain from mobility.