Dental Implants

Experts: Dr. Luis Cuadrado y Dr. Cristina Cuadrado

¿What is an implant?

Dental implants enable us to safely and predictably replace missing teeth. At i2 Implantology we are national experts in this type of treatments, we perform minimally invasive surgeries to preserve patients postoperative comfort.
An accurate case planning with modern technologies allows us to load implants on the same day of the surgery, immediately returning our patients the esthetic and function they had lost.

We offer our patients the possibility of treating them under conscious sedation with the supervision of an Anesthesiologist, drastically reducing the fear and anxiety often associated with this type of interventions.

Information and Procedures

Your health in the hands of true experts

At i2 Implantology we need to evaluate each case with time to offer you the best diagnosis and treatment plan. We do not guarantee implants for life, although we do guarantee you will not have to worry about your mouth again.

Our diagnosis involves the use of intraoral scanner and 3D imaging

Our experts will examine your case closely, using 3D images of your mouth so you can understand clearly the treatment you will undergo. Our aim is to make you smile.

If we need to place an implant on the upper maxilla with not enough bone we will need to increase the bones height using autologous bone or Bio-Oss, this procedure is called sinus lift and it is always done before the placement of the implant.

Patients that have lost bone due to a previous infection or trauma sometimes will need to have a bone graft done. These grafts are usually taken from hip, chin or Bio-Oss.

Frequent Questions

Nowadays the gold standard treatment for a missing tooth is the placement of an implant. If it is possible we will also provide immediate loading of this implant so you can leave our clinic with your implant placed and a provisional tooth screwed to the implant. Usually these two procedures take about 90 minutes and we always try to use the patients tooth as the provisional prostheses for esthetic reasons.

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Again the gold standard treatment for multiple missing teeth are implants. At i2 Implantology our experts will try to make a guided surgery which will make your surgery less invasive and more precise. If it is possible they will also try to load those implant immediately so you can have your teeth back on the same day of the surgery.

Implants are placed always by our experts. First an incision is made on the gum to access the bone, then the bone is drilled with the same height and thickness than the future implant and then the implant is placed and the gum is stitched back. These kins of surgeries take from 20 minutes to few hours depending on the case and number of implants. See video

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Nowadays every patient can have implants placed. Even when there is literally no bone there are special implants (short implants or zygomatic implants) that can be placed.